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How Much Does a Maine Coon Kitten Cost?

This varies greatly depending on the area. Generally, the kittens are more expensive on the East and West Coasts, less in the Midwest. In the New York area, pet quality kittens range from $400 - $l000. And you DO want a pet quality kitten. Good breeders have a long waiting list from other established breeders for top show quality kittens, and are unwilling to sell their "cream of the crop" kittens to pet homes. Beware any breeder who tells you that every kitten they produce is a "Top Show Quality" kitten. However, feel free to ask the breeder to show you the difference between pet and show - you'll be surprised. This has nothing to do with size, beauty, or temperament. The factors that determine the difference are so slight that only experienced breeders and judges can distinguish - and even then, most breeders agonize over whether or not they are making the correct evaluation. This difference could mean that the tail is an inch too short, or has a slight kink. A white spot on the chest, ears or eyes set a fraction of an inch too close or far apart, eyes that slant just slightly too far up or down, even just the expression in a cat's face....these make cats "pets" rather than "show". You may actually prefer the pets to the show cats! Sometimes, the kitten IS technically "perfect" (or close), but the breeder just does not want that particular "look" to represent their cattery, or they may have a breeding restriction set down by the breeders of the kitten's parents. But ask to see the difference - you'll be surprised. Pet Quality kittens are certainly not inferior cats.

The price of the kitten will probably include the first two FVRCP vaccinations, and at least one veterinary exam given before it leaves the breeder. Shipping costs will be extra. You will be expected to provide a carrier and a mandatory vet visit under most contracts.