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Questions the Breeder Should Ask You!

A good breeder is trying hard to make sure that the kittens get great new parents, and that the parents get an affectionate, healthy and beautiful kitten that fits into their lifestyle. They will want to know if you have children - and if so, how old are the kids and what is their experience with animals so far? Do you have other pets? How did you lose your last cat? Are any of the cats in your home allowed outdoors? Do you have a veterinarian? Don't be surprised if some of the questions seem personal - these kittens are not commodities to the reputable breeder. They are little lives that we have planned, assisted in their births, raised with love, and probably have slept on our heads for the past three months. We want to make sure they are going to great new homes, or we would prefer to keep them ourselves. Beware the breeder who asks you no questions - because it is obvious that they are more concerned with the money than in giving a kitten a fabulous new home, and the parents a fabulous new fur child.