Howlyn Cattery - Our Champions - Rosebud


Rosie is now about 2 and a half years old. She's a great mother and had a good litter last year. Right now (02/13/03), she is *very* pregnant with Scooter's babies. We'll keep you posted. But until then, here are some pictures of Rosie from the past.

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4/15/2001. On top of the world. 4/20/2001. The eyes of Texas are upon you. Give 'em back! 4/28/2001. First catshow, and aren't we looking good! In addition to learning how to behave at a show, Rosie took home a ribbon that day. 6/21/2001. "Grace Kelly; Harlow, Jean. Picture of a beauty queen." You guessed it. Another cat show.
6/21/2001. At that same cat show, Calabash's Zeus came out of retirement and made an appearance. Looking mighty fine! Zeus is Rosie's grandfather. 7/14/2001. Rosie likes life at the top. 7/22/2001. At this cat show, Rosie is giving the competition the "evil eye." 7/31/2001. One self made bonsia kitten. She saw this storage box, and just crawled in.
7/31/2001. Rosie's brother (Pursey - a household pet) sees Rosie in the box and wonders if he can stuff in a couple of cats he's less fond of. 8/7/2001. We did say that we raise our cats in a family setting. How's this for proof that they all get along? 8/11/2001. Another cat show, and time to rest up for the next ring.