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HowLyn Cattery Board of Directors Announces Acquisition

Easton, CT -- Friday, April 19, 2002 -- The Board of Directors of HowLyn Cattery proudly announced a major acquisition in the product development realm today. Silver Submarine, of Tabbey Road Cattery, has been retained as a proud member of the breeding program at HowLyn Cattery. Reportably, the cat has negotiated a multiyear six figure salary and benefits package.

Lynn Perlmutter, CEO of HowLyn, is quoted as saying, "I can't believe that he's really here. I only dreamed of this occurring before!" She now spends every night with the kitten, estranging her husband for the younger male. Howard Deiner, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at HowLyn said, "Yeah. He's good. Got big paws, you know... I even got to look at him while Lynn loosened her grip on him to eat."

There is still a small matter regarding the new cat's unofficial name. Ms. Perlmutter is heard to favor "Silvy." Dr. Barbara Strauss, DVM consultant to the cattery is on record as saying that the name should be "Suby", as that matches her car better, and "Silvy" sounds too feminine. Mr. Deiner has told reporters he was partial to the name "Stinky." On press rebuttal regarding the name, he was silent on on allegations that: 1) he already calls all the other animals in the house by that name and 2) the cat has no odor.

The industry is abuzz with high expectations for Silver Submarine. Ms. Perlmutter is clearing off all walls that receive northern light. "It's the best exposure to show off colors with, and the lack of dye damaging infra-red keeps the colors in the rosettes brighter, and we are going to have a lot of them to protect," Ms. Perlmutter is quoted as saying. She has also begun an exploratory study into the effect of building a new 5000 sq ft addition to the house to hold Scooter's (Stinky's) prodigy. Ms Perlmutter went on to state, "We're expecting big things from him and Amille, and we've only got a year or so to get ready. I'm willing to part with some real capital for this development. Would $150 be about right if we want hardwood floors throughout the new complex? Amille has also written that she wants a private waiting room as well as a full media room. You know, she's really quite advanced for her age, and is considering a run for the US Senate next year."

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