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HowLyn Cattery Board of Directors Announces Acquisition

Pequannock, NJ -- Friday, October 10, 2008 -- The Board of Directors of HowLyn Cattery proudly announces a new advance in Maine Coon breed standards by the adoption of our newest member: Irrational Exuberence!

To quote the CEO, Lynn Perlmutter, "We believe that Zubie will rise the bar when it comes to Maine Coons. He's got a great temperament, has great solid red genes, and has already done better than any other Maine Coon that we are aware of at the Cat Agility Course. Our expectations for him are boundless. Howard Deiner, Chief Cook and Bottlewasher, said, "Yeah, it's just great. The CEO tells me that running this critter around for walks outside is classified by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, as a water chore. That means one thing. More work for me." Lynn Perlmutter replied with "Requests for further clarifications on this matter should be sent to /dev/null."

Zubie meets the chairman.
Muleskinner starts the hauling around.
Arie reviews the rules of the house with Zubie. "Water is to the left. Treats are handed out on the right side from the old guy. Do an up and he does his trick, that you then eat off the floor. Working on having him deliver them on a silver platter."
Zubie has a tough time with the other cats in the house. Here, he is sharing his first cat treats with the others.
Zubie exhibits the typical sort of Maine Coon behavior with water play.
Normally, Maine Coons do not leash train very well. This is the typical result of such an attempt.

After much deliberation at the board meeting held in transit on the corporate limousine coming back from the Zubie's breeders, a decision was made to not use Zubie in the HowLyn breeding program. "Considering the size of Zubie's cousin (Serendipity), who weighs in at about 70 pounds, we feel that mating Zubie with any of our available females would pose a disadvantageous opportunity to the health and well being of our current class of queens. And it's just way too weird."

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