Howlyn Cattery - Our Kittens - Past Litters - March 13, 2002 Litter - March 13, 2002

March 13, 2002 Litter

March 13, 2002

Rosebud gave birth to six kittens this morning, March 13, 2002 between 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM. We have 3 boys of various shades of red and white to high white and 3 girls of various red patch patterns. These kittens will be in our care for 12 weeks. We are are paying special attention to hand raising them. Throughout the day, we pick up each of them, talk to them, play with them, and get them ready for the rigors of life in the home as well as life in the ring.

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Taken an hour after the last kitten was born. Rosie had a very easy birthing process. She ate 6 placentas, and was hungry for roast beef after! Excuse the lack of flash, but we didn't want to cause stress. These kittens are good sized, measuring about 4-5 inches without the tail. Rosie nurses and eats. That's it! She's a great mother. Any squeak from a kitten sends her back to this position.
Kitten number 5 beinging born, still in the sac. Rosie opened it a moment after this shot. This is the fifth afterbirth, right befire Rosie devored it. Yum. Wow! Look at the turkey timers on Rosie!