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March 13, 2002 Litter

April 20, 2002

It's not that we didn't have a eventful week. In fact, it was so eventful that pictures and web pages had to take a back seat. The highlights only. All kittens are being supplemented with a KMR and Gerber Rice Cereal "Gruel" that we feed by bottle. Some of them, like Ariel and Alvy Singer like it a lot! And some, like Pi, don't want it at all. Additionally, by the end of week, everyone was also taking some solid food. We're not pushing it, but guys like Pi like the dry food and started taking Rosie's meat meals. So we gave them some pureed Gerber Baby Meats and canned kitten food. That means that they are starting to make real poo. It took the better part of 48 hours, and now they are all litter box trained! They are running around now, play hide and seek, hit heads with each other, and generally are just a joy! What else was going on, you say. Oh yeah, there was that small matter of a new breeding male that we brought in. But that will go elsewhere, for he is most certainly becoming a champion quickly!

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Our first poo in the box! Ariel (of course!) Andromeda Andromeda Ariel
Ariel and Andromeda Andromeda Andromedia (by the way, all the kittens have blue eyes now, but they will probably all change to yellow, like their ancestors!) Andromeda
Pi Pi Pi Pi
Pi Pi Pi Pi
Pi Pi Pi Pi
Pi Pi Andromeda Pi