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March 13, 2002 Litter

May 2, 2002

It had to happen sometime. Now it has. Started with Ariel jumping up and climbing up over the kitten gate. Then Alvy Singer and Algernon followed suit. They came back and told the others of the big wide world out there. Now the "cat's out of the bag." Or, "Peace in the hallway, kittens want to be free." Or some other clever punny saying. Enough! Bring on the kittens!!!

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Amdromeda plays on her wonder wheel. Ariel finds her way under a table in the living room. Scooter joins her under the table. Notice how Scooter almost even fits under this table.
Actually, this is merely a camera angle exaggeration. Scooter might be large, but he's not a man eater. Yet. Scooter and Ariel getting along like old buddies. Aren't they sweet? And did you ever notice how peanut butter makes for great pet photos? Ariel gazes over her new domain. If chromodynamics don't explain the grand unifed theory, perhaps string theory gets closer?
Quick! Everyone look to their right! And now we paws for play time. Less calories than sharing a malted together! Did you eat the bird? No, but did you eaty the bird?
Scooter wants to make love, not war. That is what cat breeders look for. Row,row, row you boat... 13 weeks and 7 weeks, respectively.