Howlyn Cattery - Our Kittens - Past Litters - March 13, 2002 Litter - May 4, 2002

March 13, 2002 Litter

May 4, 2002

As the kittens grow up, their bonds to Mom lessen, and they begin to experience life for themselves. They also must obey the law.

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Rosie tries to rein in her flock. Mostly unsuccessfully. As I was saying... Dromie seems no worse for the wear. The Jupi juniors enjoy a quiet moment together.
[flash off!!] The babies are always quiet WHEN THEY SLEEP! Scooter and Dromie. Ariel joins the boys for a cat nap. Rosie nurses the youngens, INCLUDING SCOOTER! He just pulled right in and started at it. Rosie was happy to oblige.
You know, Scooter isn't much smaller than Rosie. Can we lose our PG rating over this image? Seren. World's best cat herding dog! Seren is such a good boy. Yes, he is!