Howlyn Cattery - Our Kittens - Current Litter - February 21, 2003

February 21, 2003

1 Week Birthday!

The title of today's lesson is, "Portrait of the Cat as a Young Kitten."

The purple prop used in the pictures below is a neat little cat toy that we have right next to the birthing pen. We had to move the kittens about a foot from the pen to the toy. But as we will see, Rosie is still quite concerned that the kittens are safe from a possible fall.

[click on any picture below to open a new window with a full strength image]
Orpheus looks a little precarious on the toy. So Rosie comes by to check up on things. Blade goes to look over the edge, feeling with his little paw. Whoa!
Benji must have been scared, because Mom has to clean out his britches. He feels better under Mom's watchful eye. I think that Scooter's extremely fine hair is present in these kittens!
Brazil takes off to the side. Rosie watches. "That's far enough" says Rosie's paw. Ok Baru. Hold your litte head up...
A little higher, and look at Mommy.... ...well, not today... Boo and Mom. Headshots of pride.
[flash off] Boo decides to check out the action underneath... And Mom say, "Not today! Stay up here now." Orphi takes another turn. Ahhhhh.... "And the save goes to Rosie!"
Orphi on top of the world. Rosie's paw makes sure she stays that way. Back in the crib, everyone get's all balled up. Is it nap time now?
Benji is the heavyweight of the group (with Baru, of course). So that's what a paw looks like. Having eyes helps see what the paws look like... Everyone zonks out. Baru marches on...