Howlyn Cattery - Our Kittens - Current Litter - April 13, 2003

April 13, 2003

OK. We are going to cave in to public pressure. "How come you never write the captions under the pictures anymore? You know, the funny ones where the little people hit each other?" Well, all I can say is that you know who you are. And can we spell "pander?"

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Boo is not as dumb as he might seem at first. Recognizing our lack of weighing everyone over the last few daysm and not wanting to be bothered during his nap, he takes refuge in the place we are least likely to find him. The dreaded weighing tray. One of the brown babies tries her hand at the ancient art of daylight camouflage. Our extended vision barely makes her out. Having so much success in the last frame, the brown baby keeps at it. Her low observerables make her truly steathy. Now that's American technology at it's best! Secret's out! Red baby moves in. Pinko commie!
Proof positive that they are growing up: the eyes are changing from baby blues to the golden eyes that our cats have. Pretty soon they will be asking to bowwow the car. Benji paints another notch on his arm for successfully protecting the top rung. Baru with her, "I'm ready for my closeup now" look. Blade defies gravity by laying down on a vertical surface without falling. Caution: professional cat on a closed course. Do not attempt this at home! Always wear your seat belt.
That tail is not going to last long with this crowd. "I'm not sure what that was! Boo grimaces in pain as one of the brown babies steps on him. See caption from last frame... Did you expect every frame to be original and funny?
Proof positive that Baru always could have a job as a foot warmer once she stops winning shows and we skin her. Sorry. I was only kidding about that, Baru! We wouldn't wait until you lost shows...