Howlyn Cattery - Our Kittens - December 23, 2006

December 5, 2006 Litter

December 23, 2006

Three weekers, and they are squeekers! This week, seems like the ears kicked in. Come in the room, talk to them, and the kittens turn to you. They also usually turn on their backs to get their bellies rubbed. And when they're picked up, they squeek, squeek, squeek! Of course, Gorky isn't that crazy about that. She'll give you the evil eye until you return said kitten. The kittens are walking better this week, but you wouln't confuse their meager attempts of locomotion with walking quite yet. In couple of weeks they'll do the kitten running and jumping, but not yet. Now let's talk size. Everyone is between 10 and 15 ounces. The red guys look bigger, but they're really the same size as everyone else. Do have to admit, "Bugger make beefy babies!" Say that fast five times in a row... [Bugger is the nickname of this litter's stud, AKA TICA SGC, RW/CFA GC, RW Codycats Hendrickson of Dracoonfly. Bugger's easier on the tounge.]

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