Howlyn Cattery - Our Kittens - January 6, 2008

November 29, 2007 Litter

January 6, 2008

Five weeks old. It begins. Now that Foxy is starting to wean her kittens, they are starting to really like the rice cereal and KMR bottles. And one of them (didn't really see which one) has marched over and ate a bunch of the Royal Kanin BabyCat and Fancy Feast that was out for the bigger kittens. They're just starting to use the litter box. And one thing that they love (when they're not eating or sleeping) are their big kitten cousins (maybe that's aunts and uncles?). Anyway, they emulate the bigger kittens as much as possible, but when it comes to things like jumping up or climbing straight up, they just don't make the grade. Yet. ;-D

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